Picking Your Battles

The other day my brother and I got into an argument. This, itself, isn’t surprising. Earlier in the week, we found a way to argue about the price of avocado toast at our hypothetical restaurant. After a week of sitting around my parents’ house with little to do, I ventured into their local Starbucks to … [Read more…]

Blocking All The Things

I used to not block or mute, whether it be on Facebook or on the comments section of my blog or even email. I imagine this a bit of both innate curiosity about what people are saying and a feeling that people are somehow owed the right to speak. It’s not a not a violation … [Read more…]

Hidden Gems in Delft

The city of Delft, nestled between Rotterdam and The Hague, is more famous for its hand painted blue tiles than its food scene. But once you dig a little deeper (and get off the touristy Markt) you can find some very delicious food. This article originally appeared in Toten and you can read the full … [Read more…]