Podcasts galore: From English-language Dutch news to art and useful advice

Radio is back and the number of podcasts out there has been growing steadily for years. The Netherlands is no exception and while there are plenty of Dutch-language podcasts, there are also plenty of English-language ones as well. Here’s a roundup of podcasts, in English, about the Netherlands. Originally published at https://www.dutchnews.nl on May 22, 2019.

Why Does Everyone Hate AirPods?

There has been a lot of AirPod hate in the media lately. Those little wireless headphones you see sticking out of people’s’ ears? They are criticized for having an “awful” design, Esquire claimed they are Apple’s biggest mistake and Vice calls them a “tragedy.” Don’t get me wrong, I also find them ugly. And, like … [Read more…]

Reading Update

I always set out some reading goals for myself each year. Mostly to nag myself into reading some things that I keep meaning to read but don’t and to get myself to focus on different types of literature. Here are my 2019 goals: Read 75 books, read more graphic novels (I read one this year), … [Read more…]

Qatar v. United Arab Emirates

I covered the UAE v. Qatar case in front of the International Court of Justice this week. The dispute between the UAE and Qatar dates back to June 2017 when Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Yemen, Egypt, the Maldives, and Bahrain all announced they were cutting diplomatic ties with Qatar ostensibly over its support for terrorist … [Read more…]

UN Court Slams Jordan on Freedom of Sudan’s Bashir

The International Criminal Court on Monday upheld its prior ruling that Jordan should have arrested former Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir when the accused war criminal traveled there two years ago, but reversed its referral of the Middle Eastern country to the United Nations Security Council. Read the article on CNS.