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No I Won’t Give You My Aisle Seat

I don’t think it comes as a surprise to anyone that I am not really a wholly generous and giving person. I mean, I try to not behave like a total sociopath but my desire to accommodate other members of the human species ends when they want my seat on an airplane. Especially when I have a much better seat than they do.


I fly fairly frequently and, consequently, have been asked on multiple occasions to trade seats with someone so they can sit next to their partner, kids, the aisle, the window, the front of the plane, the back of the plane, etc. My willingness to do so depends on a lot of factors, ranging from my mood to how long the flight is.

I haven’t yet had someone request that I move because I am a woman, but I’m pretty well prepared to tell them no if that were to happen. There have been a few stories lately about Orthodox Jewish men requesting seat changes on airlines to accommodate their religious belief that they cannot sit next to women.

Look, if you are so opposed to possibly brushing up against a woman in the least sexual way humanly possibly (in a crowded and smelly tin can thousands of feet in the air), then buy two plane tickets. Or travel with men. Or stay home.

But do not expect me to give up my seat to accommodate your misogyny. Your right to practice your religion ends where my armrest begins.


I’m wandering through my 30s, listening to my educational podcasts, when I am suddenly confronted with my own mortality. Or at least confronted with the fact that the podcast Grammar Girl is explaining some new slang term. Not only do I not know what it means, I’ve never actually heard of it.

The hashtag SquadGoals is apparently what all the cool kids on Instagram are saying these days. And it basically refers to the ambition that you, as a viewer of a photograph, should have to be as cool as the group of people in the photograph.


Boy golly gee, am I glad that I’ve got a podcast on language usage to tell me what the kids are up to these days.

I’m pretty active on both Instagram and Twitter so I’m surprised that I haven’t come across the usage before. But, also, I’m rapidly moving out of that 18-35 demographic where the cool kids are.

On the other hand, a Facebook group (you kids heard of the Facebooks?) I post in had a thread a few weeks ago about guilty pleasure TV and at least 80% of the shows were reality TV shows that I’d never heard of.

So perhaps it’s not age but just that I am a culturally-oblivious, generally uncool person?

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