Trump: He’s Our Fault

Two things completely unrelated things happened on Friday. Muhammad Ali died. And I happened to venture to the front page of the New York Times. Most news sites have a “Most Read” feature on them. Those little boxes populate automatically based on the number of times someone, well, reads an article. Articles with the most hits … [Read more…]

Picking Your Battles

The other day my brother and I got into an argument. This, itself, isn’t surprising. Earlier in the week, we found a way to argue about the price of avocado toast at our hypothetical restaurant. After a week of sitting around my parents’ house with little to do, I ventured into their local Starbucks to … [Read more…]

Blocking All The Things

I used to not block or mute, whether it be on Facebook or on the comments section of my blog or even email. I imagine this a bit of both innate curiosity about what people are saying and a feeling that people are somehow owed the right to speak. It’s not a not a violation … [Read more…]