“What is madness? To have erroneous perceptions and to reason correctly from them.” -Voltaire What do you see?

"If" Black Women Were White Women

“We’re still dealing with racism. Discrimination still exists. We’re still fighting, but it’s a different struggle. It’s more subtle, but it’s still there.” -Yvonne Bunch I don’t read the blog, but I found this piece exceptionally interesting. It asks, “What if suddenly, instantly, the power of white femininity were transferred to black women?” And answers, … [Read more…]


“My idea of feminism is self-determination, and it’s very open-ended: every woman has the right to become herself, and do whatever she needs to do.” -Ani Difranco I’m unsure whether I think it says something immensely positive about society when a TV show like Family Guy, known for it’s crass humor, does the best piece … [Read more…]

Breast Cancer Is Racist

“Journalists cover words and delude themselves into thinking they have committed journalism.” –Hedrick Smith The new recommendations for when women get mammograms were released by the US Preventative Services Task Force. The recommendation was met with a cacophony of responses. This piece by NPR on the subject is atrocious. The reporting is confusing at best … [Read more…]

This Just In: Porn Isn’t Bad

“We can kid ourselves, but in the end it’s probably porn that people want.” Thomas McInerney Here’s another reason to love America’s Hat: (From CNet) Researchers at The University of Montreal report that “…pretty much all men consume pornography, mostly online, averaging 20 to 40 minutes a week, and without resulting “pathological” behavior.” Funded by … [Read more…]