Week Two – Monday and Tuesday

With the lack of water issue fixed, the plasterer returned on Monday morning and things started going fast. They primed the entire house, turning it all this lovely yellow color. Then they got started on the upstairs, the only room they had managed to get primed last week. It was such a dramatic change. Meanwhile, … [Read more…]

Week One – Sunday

With the help of a good friend of ours, we head to the house to spend the day finishing up all the things that need to be done to the walls to prepare for the plasterer. There’s several places where drywall (gipsplat) needs to be repaired or placed in the first place. Also, we needed … [Read more…]

Week One – Thursday, Friday and Saturday

I arrive at the house to find a lot of people working, including our contractor’s father, who was in the process of rewiring an outlet. We hadn’t included any electrical work in the planning, but it turns out that once the sink in the bathroom was removed, it was discovered some of the wiring and … [Read more…]


Ugh, my sim can be such an idiot sometimes. Like, you don’t even know.” LeAnne tossed her hair over her shoulder as she spoke, momentarily breaking her focus on Mia’s face. LeAnne tilted her head to assess the eye shadow she was applying. “What does he even know, anyway?” Mia asked. “Exactly,” LeAnne answered. “Mine … [Read more…]

Week One – Wednesday

The plasterer and the intern should start today, while the contractor should remove the bathroom tiles, the kitchen tiles and the upstairs wall. I stop by in the morning and everything is off to a good start. Then there is yet another crisis. To remove the bathroom floor tiles, the contract needed to take out … [Read more…]