All The Time We Thought We Had: A Review

Gordon and I had worked together before we actually met face to face. After years of sending emails back and forth about news stories for Dutch News, we finally decided to grab a cup of coffee. He was a few minutes late and, after ordering, I asked him how he came to be in the … [Read more…]

Week 11

Week 11 was mostly characterised by me being sick and us generally being tired af. Despite that, we did manage to make some progress. First up, look at this gorgeous butcher’s block which is now being referred to as the plant hospital. There’s a maternity ward and everything. Second, can you believe that this used … [Read more…]

Despite its reputation, weed is still mostly illegal in the Netherlands

It’s a common misconception that cannabis is legal in the Netherlands. Should you visit one of Amsterdam’s famous coffee shops, you can purchase a joint without worrying about legal consequences. But that same coffee shop bought that same cannabis from, effectively, a criminal: Even as cannabis gains acceptance worldwide, growing, importing, buying, or selling cannabis … [Read more…]

Week 10

The start of week ten brought the last of the big construction projects (we hope…). The painter finished the interior work (there’s still some exterior work to do.) We began working on the window seat. The first thing to do was to replace the radiator. Then moving on to building the frame. Meanwhile, we were … [Read more…]

The Place To Start Up your Start-Up

TomTom and are just two household names originating on the Dutch start-up scene. There’s around 800 start-ups in the Netherlands and, according to StartupRanking, a website which tracks worldwide data about start-ups, the country ranks 12th in the world for the number of start-ups. Per capita, it jumps ahead of other European Union countries … [Read more…]