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“I’ve got more than one membership to more than one club and I owe my life to the people that I love.” -Ani Difranco

So a few people have suggested that we should figure out farther in advance what books we plan to read, so people can qualify for free shipping on Amazon and stuff. A few people sent me suggestions and I pared them down into the following six books:

The Purity Myth – Jessica Valenti
A People’s History of the United States – Howard Zinn
Gang Leader For A Day – Sudhir Venkatesh
The Commitment – Dan Savage
Panic: The Story of Modern Insanity – Michael Lewis
Omnivore’s Dilemma – Michael Pollan

I think picking books in three month increments is reasonable, so pick three from this list and let me know what we want to do.

For “What Is Marriage For?,” HDW has generously offered to host. CeeDee over at has offered to write one review. I’ll write one as well. I’m trying to get one non-blogger friend of mine to also review, but he has yet to commit.

For more information about the book club, click here.

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  1. […] I asked for feedback on compiling a list of books to read so things could be planned out further ahead (and so people can qualify for free Amazon shipping). While The Purity Myth was a really popular choice, it was brought to my attention by HDW that is is also out of print. So my solution is for us to put The Purity Myth on the list for the following three months, which gives everyone plenty of time to find a used copy. […]

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