The Dish’s Feminism Problem

If you read Andrew Sullivan’s website, The Dish, you might be familiar with his latest controversy over feminism and SJWs. In short, Sullivan thinks that Twitter working with activists to clamp down on threats of death and violence will lead to censorship. Sullivan isn’t exactly known for his championship of women’s rights, or really, the … [Read more…]

The Language Of The Other

“Othering” is a pretty basic psychological trick used to create distance between people. “We are different from them.” “They aren’t like us.” “Those people.” Its use ranges from the absurd to the serious. Sitcoms use to to poke fun at just how different men and women are. Racists use it to justify their hatred. The … [Read more…]

Privilege Is…

Anyone who knows me, knows I can’t be on time for anything. And while I am very often late, I am also quite often early. I just seem to lack the ability to time things well. How long it will take me to get dressed, to walk the dog, to travel somewhere. You’ll often see … [Read more…]

It’s Not Racist To Say Diamonds On Your Time Piece

If you’ve turned on a radio in the last few months, you can’t help but hear Lorde’s incredibly catchy song Royals, which criticizes conspicuous consumption. Lorde laments the fact that popular music is filled artists who glorify consumerism and feature high-end products most of their listening audience will never see be able to obtain. Despite a pretty positive … [Read more…]