I Am A Published Author

A few months ago, I contributed several submissions to the idea of a book from women bloggers in the Netherlands. The result is out today on Amazon. Dutched Up!: Rocking the Clogs Expat Style “Dutched Up! is a compilation of stories from Expat Women Bloggers living in the Netherlands. The book covers a wide range … [Read more…]

Book Club Discussion – The Thread

This book was recommended to me by a follower on Twitter and, I’ve gotta say, it was an excellent pick. The book really tugs at the heartstrings. By the end, I was rooting for things to end happily ever after. That being said, the book could be a bit saccharine at times. I was also … [Read more…]

Book Club Discussion – The Night Circus

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern is a really fantastic work of fantasy. I’ve heard the book compared to both the Harry Potter books and the Twilight series, and it’s neither. This book has both a plot and character development! Sparkly-vampire bashing aside, Morgenstern creates a spectacular world with an circus that performs only at … [Read more…]