Week 14

It was a lot of little things last week. We reinstalled some fixtures in the sliding door so it slides correctly, replaced the components of the mailslot, put the double-glazing back on the back door. The boyfriend continued to work on fitting the pantry door. I finished up a few ongoing projects, including repairing an … [Read more…]

Week 13

We are finally slowing down with the renovations. Most of the big things on the first two floors are done. The top floor, which is our bedroom, still needs a lot of work, but we first need to decide what we want to do. The idea is that we will tackle those things during Christmas … [Read more…]

Week 12

Under pressure from an impending visitor, we pushed to get the final construction projects in the house done. The biggest of which was the window seat. We had gotten pretty far with the frame last week but now it needed to be painted and to add some final touches, including some trim work. We also … [Read more…]

Week 11

Week 11 was mostly characterised by me being sick and us generally being tired af. Despite that, we did manage to make some progress. First up, look at this gorgeous butcher’s block which is now being referred to as the plant hospital. There’s a maternity ward and everything. Second, can you believe that this used … [Read more…]

Week 10

The start of week ten brought the last of the big construction projects (we hope…). The painter finished the interior work (there’s still some exterior work to do.) We began working on the window seat. The first thing to do was to replace the radiator. Then moving on to building the frame. Meanwhile, we were … [Read more…]