Week Two: Saturday and Sunday

Saturday, we headed to the house of the grandmother of a friend of mine. Her grandmother had recently passed away and my friend had offered us a few things from the house. We got some lovely and weird bits, but no cabinets, so we walked over to a thrift shop nearby where we found a … [Read more…]

Week Two – Thursday and Friday

Plastering and tiling continues. We had to decide which way we wanted the bathroom tiles to go. And the plasterer finished prepping the walls downstairs, which will now actually be at right angles! For us, Friday was a shopping day. We needed to buy two new sinks, we wanted to look for two cabinets to … [Read more…]

Week Two – Wednesday

While the rest of the country was under a “heat plan” because of the heatwave, the plasterer was finishing up the walk-in closet. Meanwhile, we (with the help of one very good and lovely friend) decided to tackle installing cabinets in the shed. We planned to use the cabinets that we had taken out of … [Read more…]

Week Two – Monday and Tuesday

With the lack of water issue fixed, the plasterer returned on Monday morning and things started going fast. They primed the entire house, turning it all this lovely yellow color. Then they got started on the upstairs, the only room they had managed to get primed last week. It was such a dramatic change. Meanwhile, … [Read more…]

Week One – Sunday

With the help of a good friend of ours, we head to the house to spend the day finishing up all the things that need to be done to the walls to prepare for the plasterer. There’s several places where drywall (gipsplat) needs to be repaired or placed in the first place. Also, we needed … [Read more…]