The foundation of friendship

A few weeks ago, an English-language newspaper based in Amsterdam sent out a survey request, asking internationals what they thought about making friends with the Dutch. Unsurprising, since amongst internationals living in the Netherlands, the most common complaints are the weather, the food and making friends with Dutch people. Read the rest on Delta. 

Best Bars in Delft

Ventured into Delft for dinner or check out the Vermeer exhibition and want to stop off for a drink afterwards? The town has lots to offer, no matter your poison. But sometimes you have to get off the beaten path to find the best spots. Read the rest on Toten. 

Brews and Views: Translation Error

The first time I heard a Dutch person describe an activity as “giving them energy,” it was a life and career coach who incorporated crystals and aromatics as part of her sessions. To my native-American-English speaking ears, the phrase (and her practice) sounded like a lot of nonsense and woo. Read the rest on Toten.