A New Life For Old Churches

According to census data, it all started to go downhill for religion in the Netherlands around 1869. That’s the year that more than 1% of the Dutch population identified itself as non-religious. So, what’s a country to do when they spent the last few centuries building churches but now has no one who attends? Perhaps … [Read more…]

Go north to Leeuwarden

It’s the capital of Friesland, in which case its name is spelt Ljouwert . The elfstedentocht starts and finishes here. It’s home to Mata Hari and Escher and the 2018 European Capital of Culture. Molly Quell has been checking out Leeuwarden. Read more.

Take the train for a weekend in Rotterdam

With Eurostar now running a three-hour service from London to Rotterdam, the city’s fortunes as a tourist hub are set to boom. So, get over there now and appreciate the fantastic views, great museums and excellent cocktails before the British stag parties take over, says Molly Quell. Read more.