Why I Don’t Speak Dutch

I’ve hit the three year mark of living in the Netherlands. And it would appear that this is the magical time when people expect you to start speaking Dutch. Not that they are going to do anything to help you accomplish language fluency, they just want to voice their dismay that you aren’t. Time I … [Read more…]

Dutch Equality

Don’t let Europe fool you, America. They can be just as close-minded and racist as any duck call maker. By declaring that forgeriners need to sign a “participation contract.” “Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Amersfoort and Den Bosch are among the Dutch towns and cities to start experimenting with ensuring new immigrants, including EU citizens, sign a ‘participation … [Read more…]

Dealing With Dutch Directness

When I’m in a charitable mood, the Dutch are known for being blunt. When I’m in a less than a charitable mood, the Dutch are known for being assholes. Call it Dutch directness if you will, but it’s one of the biggest complaints from expats. Cultures clash. That’s a universal truth. We’ve all heard stories … [Read more…]