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Who Doesn’t Love To Say Fuck

Listening to a recent Lexicon Valley podcast, triggered a memory about how, as a kid, I was chastised for swearing. I was probably around 13 or 14 years old and had used, as teenagers often do, a word that some adult authority figure in my life thought was inappropriate.

Their response was that swear words were for uncreative and lazy people who couldn’t find a better way to express their emotions. And that my grandfather never had to say a swear word in his life to express how he felt.

I remember, even in my teenage brain, thinking this was one) untrue and two) ridiculous. So, I asked, “Well what did he say?”

To which there wasn’t an answer.


I am aware that one can thoroughly insult people without dropping a curse word. I’m also aware that one can do so with curse words. Or just not insult anyone at all but who wants that?

There are lots of great words in the English language. Some of them have been arbitrarily deemed “inappropriate.” Many of them because the Victorians were uncomfortable with bodily functions (shit, piss). Or because sexism (pussy, cunt, twat). Or because of shaming about sex (fuck, cocksucker*).

I don’t abide by this. Words aren’t inherently bad. It’s a social construct. Like race. And whether long hair is for men or women. And whatever goes into a pumpkin spice latte (maybe that’s a chemical construct?)



*Why do men use cocksucker as a swearword? Isn’t that like calling someone you don’t like “Hey delicious steak” or “Fuck off, excellent massage?”


So, I Guess I Am Not A Woman Either?

I’ve been seeing this tripe floating around on Facebook over the last few days.


Let’s break this down.

“I’ve heard you say you “identify as a woman”. But I find that highly unlikely and insulting.”

I don’t think it’s unlikely that Caitlyn Jenner identifies herself as a woman, since she’s said as much actually herself. Which therefore makes it true.

“You see, Mr. Jenner”

Ms. Jenner.

“there is more to being a woman than beautiful gowns and fake boobs. There is more to being a woman than makeup and pretty hair.”

We can definitely agree on that!

“This is something we mothers begin teaching our young daughters at an early age.”

So what about women who grow up without mothers? Forget the notion that two men can adopt or have a surrogate, because I get the feeling you may be opposed to that too. But what about the women whose mothers’ died? Or left? Are they also not women?

“As a woman of nearly 50 years, I can tell you what it is truly like to be a woman. You may be able to understand or even empathize, but you are definitely NOT able to “identify”. For instance, you will never know what it is like to wake up every 28 days with searing stomach pain so bad it doubles you over, yet still trot off to work or school as though everything is fine.”

Neither can I. I’ve hardly ever had menstrual cramps actually.

“You will never know what it is like to have your car break down on the side of the road and when a couple men stop to help your prayer is that their intentions are good because there is no way on earth you have the ability to physically hang let alone overpower them.”

Me either.

“You have no idea what it is like to long to have a child only to have your third miscarriage, yet still manage to be able to share in the joy of all the other young mothers in your life. You will never know what it’s like to get pregnant, gain 40 lbs (1/3 your total body weight), hurl all morning long for 4 months straight, yet still care for your other two toddlers, and not drive your husband to the brink. You will never know what it is like to give birth to a 10 lb. baby boy with absolutely no medication!!!”

As a childless person, me either.

“You will never know what it is like at the age of 50 to be walking down the streets of Phoenix and popping in the Dairy Queen for a cool refreshing treat only to be gripped at that moment with your fourth hot flash of the day.”

As someone who is 30, me either.

And then there is a bunch more dribble that you can go read for yourself if you want.As a woman, I don’t want what makes me a woman to be limited to making babies and being vulnerable to men. Which is literally all her list consists of.

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