So, I Guess I Am Not A Woman Either?

I’ve been seeing this tripe floating around on Facebook over the last few days. Let’s break this down. “I’ve heard you say you “identify as a woman”. But I find that highly unlikely and insulting.” I don’t think it’s unlikely that Caitlyn Jenner identifies herself as a woman, since she’s said as much actually herself. … [Read more…]

A Paradigm Shift In Your Reality

Human beings aren’t great at change. For most of human history, actually, changed moved a glacial pace. Human beings used stone for 4,000 years before they started making metals. It took another 2,500 thousand to move from bronze to iron. Compare that to the pace of change just in the previous 100 years. 1914 saw … [Read more…]

European Football vs American Football

Chris Kluwe On What Cost Him His Job With The Minnesota Vikings “Kluwe says they [Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier and current General Manager Rick Spielman] both tried to discourage him from speaking out about gay marriage. Kluwe calls special teams coach Mike Priefer a “bigot,” accusing him of making homophobic slurs.” Meanwhile, in Europe…. … [Read more…]