2018 Books

I read a lot in 2018. Mostly, I read while standing in line at the Dutch version of Home Depot, waiting to get wood cut. Who knew that rebuilding a house could be good for your reading habit? In total, I read 125 books. Thanks to my fellow book club member and sometimes friend for … [Read more…]

In Defense Of Libraries

Maybe it’s because I’m the granddaughter of a librarian, but when these occasional pieces about how we should get rid of libraries in favor of Amazon and claiming they are no longer relevant are published, I’m mostly confused. Libraries do a lot more than lend books. A lot. And much of what they do serves … [Read more…]

Week 17 and 18

Week 17 was also the week of Thanksgiving and as we hosted 14 people, we spent most of the week preparing food, pies and then cleaning up. Thus we did not get much done in the house. One thing we did get finished was installing lights in the kitchen. They required a bit of fill … [Read more…]