Women Supporting Women

The Hague is rich in organisations that focus on the needs and interests of women. Molly Quell gives an overview of the support available to those who are looking for a like-minded community. Read the article in Feel At Home in The Hague. 

December House Update

Since, thankfully, the housing construction is slowing down, so will be the frequency of these updates. Here’s what happened in December! The biggest project was that we started working on top floor. We’d been sleeping there but with no electricity, no hand railing, no curtains and generally no semblance of order. First we decamped to … [Read more…]

2018 Books

I read a lot in 2018. Mostly, I read while standing in line at the Dutch version of Home Depot, waiting to get wood cut. Who knew that rebuilding a house could be good for your reading habit? In total, I read 125 books. Thanks to my fellow book club member and sometimes friend for … [Read more…]