June House Update

June has been pretty productive for the house. We got the balcony flooring, installed it, sanded it and stained it. (Our neighbors actually did a lot of the work. The balcony is shared.) Then we reinstalled the railing. Next up is filling up all these lovely flower boxes which we also prepped in June.  We … [Read more…]

Skincare as Self Care

Vice had an interesting article about minimalist skincare routines. It’s a backlash to the Korean beauty routines with their 10, 12, sometimes 15 step regimes. All of these steps are supposed to do something to improve your skin: reduce acne, prevent wrinkles, make your skin look brighter. It turns out, though, that many of these … [Read more…]


Last week was busy. First off to the International Court of Justice to cover a case between Ukraine and Russia. Then a lot of phone calls to sort out a summit on creating a tribunal for prosecuting IS fighters. Finally, off to the opening of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Then back to court. Then working … [Read more…]

Social Housing

There’s not enough housing in the Netherlands and, what is available, is too expensive. It’s a common complaint among not just internationals living in the Netherlands, but also the Dutch themselves. This was originally published in ACCESS Magazine.