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Why Do I Have More Respect For Men Than MRAs?

“A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world.” -Albert Camus

Manboobz has another great post about Pick Up Artists (PUAs.) These are the men who pride themselves on picking up a large number of women and some teach classes on how to pick up women. I don’t really need to discuss how they are generally incredibly misogynistic but, it seems, they also have a low opinion of their own gender as well.

The PUA in question advises men to not stop with their sexual advances when a woman says “No.” In case you were wondering, this makes you a rapist. He goes on to discuss how, once a woman is naked and a guy is ready to go, if the woman changes her mind and says no, it’s not rape.

According to the lovely fellow,

“Women need to understand that men aren’t robots who can suddenly stop at the drop of a dime with all that testosterone pumping through their system.”

and goes on to say,

“Every roller coaster has a point while chugging up that first hill where’s there’s no turning back and you just need to hang on for the ride.”

So, if in the middle of sex, dude’s appendix ruptures, he will just have to finish before he can call 911? If a girl’s ruptured, we’re to expect her to lay there in agony, least she upset the beast? What would you have to do to get a guy to stop? Throw cold water on him? Stun gun? Tranquillizer dart?

Unlike this PUA, I actually respect men and their ability to make rational decisions despite being horny. It’s patently absurd to claim that men can’t stop once they get aroused. There is exactly zero scientific evidence to back this up. I’ve had many occasion to stop sexual activity and have never once encountered a guy who couldn’t stop.

Anyone who doesn’t stop sexual activity when told stop is a rapist and if you believe this tripe you are likely a rapist who is trying to rationalize their rapey behavior.

  • http://www.facebook.com/theenergist Paul Kemp

    This reminds me of an study I read about recently, comparing comments made about women in men’s magazines with those of convicted rapists. Here it is:


    The common point in all this is not being able to take responsibility for your actions and so blaming it your biology or your victim.

  • timidatheist

    I absolutely despise the excuse that men cannot help themselves when it comes to sex. They can and do all the time.  I’ve never once seen my boss or the local postal worker suddenly pounce on an unsuspecting person in order to rape them.

    It also drives me up a wall to see men claim this inability to control their biology and then claim they’re pro-men.  They’re painting men with the same gender role brush they paint women.

    Enough is enough!

    Wonderful post as always.

  • http://neamhspleachas.com Molly Rene

    Thanks, again!

  • http://neamhspleachas.com Molly Rene

    I’ve seen that article before and it’s so gross. 

    Clearly rape culture doesn’t exist though. 

  • http://tinyurl.com/dowomenearnless FactsnotFallacies

    Shouldn’t the title of this say “PUA” instead of “MRA?”

  • http://neamhspleachas.com Molly Rene


  • http://twitter.com/joejohnstun Joe Johnstun (SLI)

    Ya those quotes sound pretty bad besides being completely false (of course guys can stop). Still, I doubt most “PUAs” (who are really just frustrated men trying to get laid) would actually rape a woman.

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