On Impotent Rage

I’m trying to process what happened. We all are. But we can’t even figure out what language to use. Was it a coup? An insurrection? A riot?  How could this have happened? How could a country that still makes everyone take their shoes off to get on an airplane after one guy failed to detonate … [Read more…]


I did something yesterday that I rarely do. I quit something. Two things actually, two tiny side projects I was working on.  I struggle with quitting. I stay in relationships for too long. Stay at jobs long past when I should. Once I start a book, I always finish it no matter how much I … [Read more…]


I realise in these times of global pandemics, toilet paper shortages and reality tv presidents that most people are not worried about the state of their inbox. But I am. And, in an effort to not talk about corona, a few days ago I was lecturing someone instead about how they have too many email … [Read more…]

People Are Multifacted

At the end of last year, I reported on a story involving Myanmar. The Southeast Asian country appeared before the U.N.’s highest court to face allegations of genocide for the country’s treatment of the Rohingya.  Appearing on behalf of her country was Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel peace prize winner who was kept under … [Read more…]