Book Club: The Future

“It is not all books that are as dull as their readers.” -Henry David Thoreau I asked for feedback on compiling a list of books to read so things could be planned out further ahead (and so people can qualify for free Amazon shipping). While The Purity Myth was a really popular choice, it was … [Read more…]

Book Club List

“I’ve got more than one membership to more than one club and I owe my life to the people that I love.” -Ani Difranco So a few people have suggested that we should figure out farther in advance what books we plan to read, so people can qualify for free shipping on Amazon and stuff. … [Read more…]

Schroedinger’s Rapist

“A culture is made — or destroyed — by its articulate voices.” -Ayn Rand Brit’s angry rant yesterday sparked a number of debates, both in the comments and out. I personally got into an particularly nasty argument with a close friend of mine over perceiving all men as rapists. Normally, I have plenty to say … [Read more…]

Book Club Announcement

“…Fight club exists only when fight club begins and when it ends.” -Tyler DurdenThe book for next month is going to be E.J. Graff’s “What Is Marriage For?” You can read a bit about the author here.I’m going to host this time around, because a) it’s on Christmas and b) I enjoy having meaningless power. … [Read more…]