Book Club – Panic (Review #2)

(This is written by another Finance PhD Student.) I didn’t intend to write a review of Michael Lewis’s anthology of financial journalism, Panic!, but at the insistence of a couple friends, I was compelled at least to offer up some comments. Given the constraint that it’s a collection of mainstream press articles, the book does … [Read more…]

Book Club – Panic (Review and Discussion)

“If you’re going to panic, panic constructively.” -Anonymous I’ve learned two things from this book. 1) No one ever fucking learns from their mistakes. and 2) The people who control most of the wealth in this country are just as idiotic, brainless, and lacking in critical thinking skills as Sarah Palin fans. I would like … [Read more…]

Book Club – Panic (Review)

(This review is written by my best friend, a PhD student in Finance) I find it interesting how I can’t read finance as a lay person anymore. I’m just not sure what the “average” well-read person of relatively high intelligence should or shouldn’t know. So I’ll leave it to some non-finance people to talk about … [Read more…]