Once Upon A Time

“These people, they crawled out of the sewer and they have a 1200 AD mentality. They’re barbarians.” -Erik Prince (former CEO and founder of Blackwater), referring to the people of Afghanistan. The pictures the media shows us every day of Afghanistan show us a country that does seem to be backwards and barbaric. We see … [Read more…]

I Hate Conspiracy Theories

“America is a vast conspiracy to make you happy.” -John Updike I’ve been pretty damn clear about my feelings towards conspiracy theories and the people that buy into them. Yes, we landed on the moon. No, no one “blew up” the Twin Towers. No, vaccines don’t cause autism. Yes, climate change is real. No, scientists … [Read more…]

Gang Leader For A Day – A Review and Discussion

I was first introduced to Sudhir Venkatesh through his work featured in “Freakonomics”. He contributed to Chapter 3, titled “Why Do Drug Dealers Still Live With Their Moms?” The average drug dealer makes $3.30 bucks an hour, but they’d actually make more at McDonald’s. That statistic has stuck with me since I’ve read the book. … [Read more…]

Gang Leader For A Day – A Review

This review came from a non-blogger friend of mine: Gang Leader for a Day is a fun and easy read. It really sucks you in and doesn’t let go, which I think is a real credit to Stephen Dubner (given that other Venkatesh books I’ve read don’t have nearly the same story-telling charm). For me … [Read more…]