Book Club Update

The poll results are in. The Book Club schedule for the next few months is as follows: Nov. 26 – The Way We Talk Now Dec. 31 – City Life Jan. 28 – The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime Feb. 25 – The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo *Dates subject to change … [Read more…]

Nudge – Review

A review from @orphanani: Nudge introduced me to a new descriptor for myself: a libertarian paternalist. Nudge explains that libertarian paternalists believe in allowing people to make whatever choices they wish but strategically “nudging” them in the right direction – going “beyond simple opposition to government action”. The key aspect is that the libertarian paternalist … [Read more…]

Book Club Review and Discussion – Nudge

I’ve heard a lot of complaints about how this book is paternalist, how the authors think you’re too stupid to make your own decisions, and how it essentially argues in favor of government babysitting.  Clearly, many of these detractors didn’t read the first chapter. The book opens with a description of a situation in a … [Read more…]

Obama and DADT

“I felt good about serving our adversarial system of constitutional adjudication.” -Seth Waxman Kevin Drum, over at Mother Jones, discusses the importance of Obama keeping military officials on his side in this debate. He makes a solid point; it is in Obama’s best interest to keep the Pentagon leadership on his side. Obama made it … [Read more…]