Credit Card Numbers Explained

“There are 3.5 billion credit card solicitations sent out every year, … That’s 41 for every man, woman and child.” -Robert Torricelli put together this neat graphic explaining how credit card numbers work. Budget Planner Software –

Book Club – The Way We Talk Now

I never really had much of an interest in language or how it evolves. I enjoy Fresh Air and had the book recommended to me by Heterodoxus. Well not so much recommended as made required reading. For some reason that’s probably related to my ADD, I like books of essays. Sometimes, though, the forest can … [Read more…]

Super Sweet Music Videos

“Early on in MTV’s life cycle, the novelty of the video wore off.” -Van Toffler MTV is one of the few channels usually on in English and, shockingly enough, plays a lot of music videos.  In fact, something like half of the daily programming is videos. Since nothing else is on (in English), I’ve been … [Read more…]

Book Club Reminder

Just a reminder that we will be discussing “The Way We Talk Now” by Geoffrey Nunberg on Friday.  Heterdoxus will be doing one review and Dark Damien will be doing the other. We’re going to try out a new format this month. We’re going to have the whole discussion on the new Neamhspleach Facebook page. … [Read more…]