Book Club Books

Here’s the list for May, June, and July. I’ll put a poll up on the sidebar and we can vote over the next month. The Big Short – Michael Lewis Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality – Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha The Shallows – Nicolas Carr The Travels of a T-shirt … [Read more…]

Big Sex Fan?

“I’ve never been a big fan of that…” -Tiger Woods Apparently, my profile says I’m a big sex fan? Hey there, I am new in [town]. looking for new friends, dating , and/or casual sex. Although your photos do not say a lot, your profile and the things you like indicate that you are a … [Read more…]

Book Club – City Life

Prior to reading City Life, I had never thought much about Urban Planning, other than to lament at the failures of civil engineers who designed terrible parking lots or accident-inducing intersections. Rybczynski’s book really made me start thinking about why roads ended up here or buildings placed there. I read Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in … [Read more…]