Book Club Reminder

We’re talking about What The Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell on Friday, July 29. We’re going to discuss here, in the comments, not on Facebook.

Gender Carnival Follow-Up

Don’t forget to check out all of the Gender Carnical participants: Neamhspleachas- What Makes Gender Dangerous Lilly – Labels – Being Politically Correct and Queerly Correct Eusi Mto – Gender Anarchy and Gender Equality Curvaceous Dee – What Makes Me A Woman Sexpert Jane Blow – Are My Nipples Getting the Correct Signals Sinclair Sexsmith … [Read more…]

A Rose By Any Other Name?

“Names are loaded, full of pitfalls and possibilities, and can prove obstacles to writing.” -Carmela Ciuraru Belle de Jour didn’t invent the pseudonym. Concerned that his fantasy writings would reflect badly on his academic work, mathematician Charles Dodgson wrote under the name Lewis Carroll. As to not alert the neighbors that they were featured in … [Read more…]