Book Club Discussion – The Botany Of Desire

I’ve read quite of Michael Pollan’s books. I loved Food Rules, and In Defense Of Food, and The Omnivore’s Dilemma. I did not love The Botany Of Desire. The book is broken into four sections, on apples, tulips, marijuana, and potatoes. By the time I finished the first section, apples, I never wanted to eat … [Read more…]

Book Club Review – Botany Of Desire – GDNAL

From GDNAL: I haven’t written that many reviews about books I wasn’t crazy about.  It’s too bad that this is one of those reviews and frankly quite surprising, given how highly my friends recommended the book. The idea that plants are passively manipulating us in their quest for propagation is a compelling argument.  That we … [Read more…]

Emoticons And Dating

“Children entering school today without basic reading knowledge are at risk of long term failure.” -Carmelita Williams (President of the International Reading Association) “Hi You have various taste on music, nina simone and lady gaga… I guess you are really “up for any kind of fun person” :)) thats a great thing thou” I could … [Read more…]