A Moral Opposition To Hip Hop/Country Mash Ups

I got started on this, like so many other things, listening to a Planet Money podcast. They were discussing how songs become hits and mentioned the song Cruise by the country group Florida Georgia Line. Originally it did ok on the country charts but became a mainstream hit when re-released with rapper Nelly. While watching … [Read more…]

Survival Comics

Most people with 9-5 jobs don’t really understand what it’s like to manage your own company or work for a start up. You work crazy hours. You worry about getting paid (and sometimes don’t.) You tolerate more crap from people because you like getting paid. To keep ourselves from going insane, Melinda and I draw … [Read more…]

I Am Writing, I Swear

I get back to blogging and then disappear for a few weeks. Less you think I haven’t been writing, here’s my roundup of what I have been writing, just not here. Say No To Paper – On using SprindPad instead of paper lists, for The Tini Times. Which all goes well until I get stressed … [Read more…]