Turning 30

I turned 29 last week and I got a lot of remarks about how 29 is nearly 30, as if I couldn’t count. I don’t think much about turning 30, just as I didn’t think much about turning 29 or 28. But, as 30 is perceived as a milestone, it made me think about what I’ve … [Read more…]

The Ignorant Defense Of Zwarte Piet

Since I like having Dutch friends, I don’t discuss Zwarte Piet. If you’re Dutch and you want to keep being my friend, I’d highly recommend not reading any further and we can continue with said friendship. The overwhelming opinion that the character isn’t racist makes a discussion about Zwarte Piet impossible. I’ve written about Zwarte … [Read more…]

The Chicken Or The Egg

Author John Scalzi is pretty well know on the internets for being fairly pro-feminism, anti-misogyny, and an all around pretty great guy. He recently posted his list of the top 10 science fiction and fantasy works that mean the most to him. Here’s his list: Always Coming Home, Ursula Le Guin The Dark is Rising … [Read more…]

Twitter > Email

I spend a lot of my day answering email. I have to track all of my hours for my company and it turns out, in September, I spent 17 hours on email. That’s a part-time job. My latest big project was as communications coordinator for TEDxDelft and the group of people I was working with … [Read more…]


No, it’s not the name of a supernatural place, like my writing course thought the other day. It’s National Novel Writing Month. And, in an effort to finish my book, I am participating this year.  The goal is to write 50,000 words in one month, an entire novel. I’m cheating slightly, as I have some … [Read more…]