How To Make Friends

Turns out, moving abroad is really bad for your social life. You lose all of your friends. And then, you have to make new friends, from a much smaller pool of potential friends. Because interacting with the locals, whatever country you are in, is hard. Add to that that the only people you know for … [Read more…]

Finding Time To Read

I know I work too much. I know this because people tell me this a lot. And also, because I have to track every single hour I work to bill clients. My reading consumption is way down at the moment. I tried, on vacation this summer, to put a dent in my currently-reading list. I … [Read more…]

Giving Going Dutch A Whole New Meaning

Depending on how insulted I’ve been by a Dutch person recently, my view on the “Are the Dutch rude?” question oscillates between “I don’t understand how they keep breeding” to “What’s considered rude varies from culture to culture.” Intellectually, I’m aware that social norms do vary from culture to culture. And I know that things … [Read more…]

Not Not American

I’m currently in the US and I went out to dinner with my father last night. As I looked around the restaurant, it became official. I am no longer an American. I was shocked at how slovenly people were dressed. Men in baseball caps. Women in running shoes. Everyone had on jeans. More tee shirts … [Read more…]

On Getting Older

My previous post about things to do before you turn 30 got me thinking about getting older. I’m getting old enough to where people ask me “If it’s ok” to ask how old I am or joke about me being obviously younger than my actual age. People do this because society says that getting older … [Read more…]