Finding Time To Read

I can’t find the time to watch TV. Or learn Dutch. So it’s not surprising that I can’t find the time to finish a damn book either. Which you know, if you’re friends with me on Goodreads. Here’s what I’m currently in the middle of. The Wayfarer Redemption by Sara Douglass Beyond Reach by Karin … [Read more…]

Why I Don’t Speak Dutch

I’ve hit the three year mark of living in the Netherlands. And it would appear that this is the magical time when people expect you to start speaking Dutch. Not that they are going to do anything to help you accomplish language fluency, they just want to voice their dismay that you aren’t. Time I … [Read more…]

European Football vs American Football

Chris Kluwe On What Cost Him His Job With The Minnesota Vikings “Kluwe says they [Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier and current General Manager Rick Spielman] both tried to discourage him from speaking out about gay marriage. Kluwe calls special teams coach Mike Priefer a “bigot,” accusing him of making homophobic slurs.” Meanwhile, in Europe…. … [Read more…]

Longform And Lost Productivity

I discovered Longform a few weeks ago and I’ve spent every spare moment reading the archives. Longform is a project organized by the University of Pittsburgh’s Writing Program. It complies the best long form writing pieces from around the web and print. I came across it through their Best Of 2013 lists. I read all … [Read more…]

Solutions To The Welfare Queen

Most countries that are not the US have some system of national identification. In fact, most countries require adult citizens to carry with them a national identification card. In the US, the concept of national ID card or even requiring citizens to register with the national government is tantamount to facism.  One of the must … [Read more…]