When Body Positivity Isn’t Positive

I had an ex-boyfriend once describe me as “pop princess.” (Side note: My hairdresser called me a “blood fucking princess” the last time I got my hair cut. That’s a lot of princess accusations for someone who hates all things pink and sparkly.) It’s true. My taste in music is heavily in the Top 40 … [Read more…]

Now I’m The Weird One

I found myself cheering for this article on Slate about dressing for flights. In it, the writer contends that Americans need to stop dressing like slobs while flying. “Among the cavalcade of pajama pants, tracksuits, nightgowns, painting rags, and ill-fitting sweatshirts that one encounters in the world’s terminals and stations these days, the competently dressed … [Read more…]

In Which I Admit To Being Insane

Remember a really long time six months ago when I wrote about the TV I was watching? Well the list has grown to the point where it is giving me nightmares. No, really, I’m stressed out about how far behind on TV I am. So, to make order out of the chaos, I have created a spreadsheet. … [Read more…]


‘Less you think Barcelona, and London twice wasn’t enough, I also managed to squeeze in a quick (six week) jaunt to the US in the past few months. And because merely going to the US wasn’t enough, I managed to hit up: Washington, DC Maryland Delaware Tennessee Mississippi Louisiana Texas I accomplished: being in a … [Read more…]

An Interest In Pinterest

So far I had avoided the internet-based time-suck known as Pinterest. Though I’ve seen cool things come from the site, until recently, it hasn’t interested me all that much. I’m not really a visual person and I didn’t have any home improvement projects. Then I got interested in doing some things around my house. Mostly … [Read more…]