[ACCESS] Book Review: The Things We Said In Venice

When American writer Kristin Anderson set out to work on her second novel, she discovered she had writer’s block. She lamented to a friend about her plight, who replied, “A suitcase, a stranger, and a train. Love story.” The result is Anderson’s new novel, The Things We Said in Venice. Read the entire review in ACCESS magazine.

[ACCESS] New trends in old drinks

Liquor, beer, and even wine have been made in the Netherlands for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. But a recent renewed interest in the craft has increased creativity at your local bar—everything from beer made from rainwater to hand-crafted liquors aging under the floorboards of a restaurant. So if you’re sick of the pilsner that’s always on tap or … [Read more…]

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

I’ve seen a lot of really poor coverage of Dutch issues in the foreign press since I’ve been living in the Netherlands. Journalists who think Antwerp is part of the country. Broadcasters who can’t pronounce Geert. Writers who cannot understand a parliamentary system. But the move of the European Medical Agency has put the international … [Read more…]