2018 Books

I read a lot in 2018. Mostly, I read while standing in line at the Dutch version of Home Depot, waiting to get wood cut. Who knew that rebuilding a house could be good for your reading habit?

In total, I read 125 books.

Thanks to my fellow book club member and sometimes friend for giving me some stats:

77 unique authors of which 58% were women. In total, 72% of the books I read this year were written by women.

I had three overall goals: read 100 books (nailed it), read more poetry (I read five collections, up from two the year before), and to read all of my book club books (which I also did.) All in all, a pretty good year, reading wise.

Goals for next year:

Read 75 books, read more graphic novels (I read one this year), read (mostly/nearly all) books from my to read list or my stack of actual books at my house. Both of those have grown out of control and are unmanageable. Also to keep reading all of my book club books and to read the ones the group read before I started and to keep reading poetry.

Best books of 2018:

  1. Conversations with Friends – Sally Rooney
  2. The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet – Becky Chambers
  3. I’ll Be Home In The Dark – Michelle McNamara
  4. The Collapsing Empire – John Scalzi
  5. Exit West – Mohsin Hamid

Best Poetry

They Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyonce – Morgan Parker

Best Book On Writing

Bird by Bird – Anne Lamott

(I reread Stephen King’s On Writing this year, which is my favorite writing book, but I’m not counting it because it was a reread.

Worst Book

The 4 Hour Work Week – Timothy Ferriss or The Wedding Date – Jasmine Guillory

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