2019 House Renovation Wrap

We rounded out 2019 by (mostly) completing a long, long page of to-dos around the house. 

For the first year, essentially, we worked every weekend and at least one or two nights during the week on the house. After the summer, we cut that back to just the weekends and then, eventually, only one day on the weekend. Going into 2020, we’re aiming for only two weekends a month. 

Here’s the list of what we’ve accomplished since October

Picked out and (had) installed tiles in the kitchen, which we are super happy about. 

Hung some art and then immediately got more art that we also need to find a home for. 

We also bought some fancy hooks for Trouby’s ever growing accessory collection and hung those. 

We installed (partially) baseboards on the landing. We got all of the taller (and more difficult ones) in. The smaller ones we ran out of before I could finish, but we’ve since gone to Ikea and picked up some more. 

Also, we (non-pictured) installed an extra outlet in the living room and fixed a light switch in the hallway. 

We built and installed a radiator cover in the office,mostly because we wanted to run electricity to the TV and it wouldn’t fit behind the baseboard. Also because it looks nice.

And, in by far the most exciting news, we fixed the overhead light in the bedroom and, for the first time in a year and a half, we have a light in the bedroom. It’s amazing. 

We still have a number of projects left to do, including building another radiator cover in the entryway and in the dining room, plus an entire garden to redo. Fortunately, the projects are generally smaller and there’s definitely fewer of them. 

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