Skincare as Self Care

Vice had an interesting article about minimalist skincare routines. It’s a backlash to the Korean beauty routines with their 10, 12, sometimes 15 step regimes. All of these steps are supposed to do something to improve your skin: reduce acne, prevent wrinkles, make your skin look brighter. It turns out, though, that many of these … [Read more…]


Last week was busy. First off to the International Court of Justice to cover a case between Ukraine and Russia. Then a lot of phone calls to sort out a summit on creating a tribunal for prosecuting IS fighters. Finally, off to the opening of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Then back to court. Then working … [Read more…]

Social Housing

There’s not enough housing in the Netherlands and, what is available, is too expensive. It’s a common complaint among not just internationals living in the Netherlands, but also the Dutch themselves. This was originally published in ACCESS Magazine.

May House Update

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about that house. That’s mostly because there hasn’t been much house progress. We’ve basically been working on the bed project, which has been moving along, though slowly. We also took some vacation. And watched Eurovision. Everyone deserves a break. But we’re now back in the saddle and … [Read more…]