Behind The Scenes

A week or so ago, I watched this video from New York Magazine of Claire Saffitz. She’s a pastry chef at Bon Appetite and stars in the Gourmet Makes series, where she tries to recreate different types of junk food.  I love the series because I love the food science behind it, but until I … [Read more…]

Apple and Ireland’s Tax Case

I’ve been in Luxembourg for most of this week, covering the famed 13 billion euro Apple and Irish tax case. TL;DR: The European Union said Ireland wasn’t taxing Apple properly and ordered Apple to pay 13 billion euros in back taxes. Ireland said “Nah, we’re cool.” Possibly because something like 80% of Irish corporate tax … [Read more…]

August House Update

If I am being honest, the renovation is coming to a close. Nearly all of the big projects we have planned to do are finished. The list that is left is short and much of what we are doing around the house now is maintenance more than rebuilding.  We’ve been officially living in the house … [Read more…]