A Story Is Born

It all starts with an email: “Brexit will become official this coming week. What happens to the U.K. cases pending before the ECJ once Britain is no longer part of the EU? Might make a good analysis piece.” One of the editors I work with has a great idea. This comes in late on Friday … [Read more…]


I’ve started The Artist’s Way, to help me write more, which is one of my 2020 resolutions. It’s a self-help book, first published in 1992, which is supposed to people with “artistic creative recovery.” It’s written by a spiritual Christian lady who is also a recovering alcoholic so, to be honest, I’m having a difficult … [Read more…]

Working From Home

If you work from home, how do you do it? I’m not talking about the occasional work from home day because you’re sick or waiting for an important package, but when your office is at home and you work there most of the time.  I ask because I am now working from home full-time.  Now … [Read more…]


The news, a Swiss self-help guru claims, is worse than alcoholism.  Swiss writer Rolf Dobelli wrote a piece called Avoid the News, which was a major inspiration for Dutch journalist Rob Wijnberg, who went on to found The Correspondent. That publication recently reprinted part of Dobelli’s essay.  “Today, I’m “clean”. Since 2010, I’ve been entirely … [Read more…]

2019 House Renovation Wrap

We rounded out 2019 by (mostly) completing a long, long page of to-dos around the house.  For the first year, essentially, we worked every weekend and at least one or two nights during the week on the house. After the summer, we cut that back to just the weekends and then, eventually, only one day … [Read more…]