A Tasty New Project

Some of you may remember when, on this very blog, I did some reviews of restaurants. I consider myself a foodie and used to post recipes and other food related items. I stopped doing that awhile ago, in part, because I have been working on a new project.1656181_596340347088577_20491323_n

Blue Plate Special

When I moved to Delft, I had to discover which restaurants were good and which weren’t the hard way. By eating there. There wasn’t (and still isn’t, other than this site) a place with restaurant reviews in English. Sure I could trudge through the Google Translated Dutch but even then, there was only Yelp-esque sites. I missed my DC foodie blogs.

Amsterdam has a great one, Amsterdam Foodie. But, despite around 20% of the population of Delft holding foreign passports, there wasn’t anything here in English. Now there is.

I am slowly working my way through all of the restaurants in the city center of Delft. I’m no where near there yet, but I’ll get there eventually. Check out the reviews that are on the site and follow it on Facebook and Twitter for other, foodie-related stuff.

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