An Interest In Pinterest

So far I had avoided the internet-based time-suck known as Pinterest. Though I’ve seen cool things come from the site, until recently, it hasn’t interested me all that much. I’m not really a visual person and I didn’t have any home improvement projects.

Then I got interested in doing some things around my house. Mostly things like buying new sheets, because I’m not really talented in the home improvement department. Especially with regards to power tools. Or any tools.

And then I started chatting with Dana about home improvement. And befriended a girl getting a PhD in industrial design. One thing led to another and now I am pinning all the things.

Well, not really. I have found some good recipes to try and some interesting life hacks. And it’s great for ideas on how to decorate, etc. I’m hoping to try find some good framing suggestions for some prints I have.


Plus, look at how nice my bedroom looks.

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