Andrew Sullivan Makes An Excellent Point

“An idea is a putting truth in check-mate.” -Jose Ortega y Gasset

So if you’ve been listening to the news (or watching The Daily Show) in the past few days, you know that Dick Cheney was on Sunday news shows lambasting Obama on national security policy. Cheney was criticizing the Obama administration for reading Umar Abdulmutallab (aka The Christmas Day bomber) his Miranda rights, giving him access to an attorney, and generally not torturing him.

Joe Biden had a lot of choice words for Cheney, including pointing out that the Obama administration treated Abdulmutallab the same way the Bush administration treated Richard Reid (aka The Shoe Bomber). However, Biden didn’t mention the capture of the one the of Taliban’s top military commanders in Karachi.

Sullivan argues that it’s because

“Because they [the Obama administration] are serious about national security and do not put domestic political games before it. Unlike Cheney, who never wasted an opportunity to use a war to score political points at home. In the end, I believe this president’s calm and sincere and determined efforts to keep this country safe and to defuse the appeal of Islamist terror will be better understood and appreciated. And that he has done so by adhering to American values will go a long way to repair some small part of the damage Cheney inflicted.”

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