Applying Some More Logic

“Feminism is the radical notion that women are people”

The other day I talked about a piece written about “Firefly”, calling Joss Whedon and the series anti-feminist.

The more I thought about the show, the more this bothered me. Not having watched the show in a year or so, I just mentally went through the episodes I remembered and noted each one in which Mal (or another man) is saved by a woman.

Inara rescues Mal in “The Train Job,” humiliating him in the process.  She refers to him as her “kept man.”

Zoe rescues Wash in “War Stories.” She chooses to rescue Wash over Mal when forced to decide between the two, which she does without thinking. Then Zoe comes back and rescues Mal while River is the person who saves the ship.

Zoe saves Mal (and the crew) in “Out Of Gas,” specifically ignoring Mal’s orders to do so.

River says the entire remaining crew in the move “Serenity.”

Further, Kaylee, as the ship’s mechanic, repeatedly saves the day in an area which Mal is unable to help.

In defense of Mal, he punches out a guy who insults Inara in “Shindog” and tells Inara that he respects her, but not her profession. Further, Mal helps to defend an entire brothel from a psychotic man who wants one of the prostitutes to turn over his child (that she’s pregnant with.)  You’d think a guy who hates women would side with the other team on that one.

As I said before, I’m not touting “Firefly” as some sort of feminist utopia.  I wouldn’t even argue that this work is “feminist.” However, I think it’s a far cry to call it “misogynist.”

Ya know, unless you want to see misogyny in everything.

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