August House Update

If I am being honest, the renovation is coming to a close. Nearly all of the big projects we have planned to do are finished. The list that is left is short and much of what we are doing around the house now is maintenance more than rebuilding. 

We’ve been officially living in the house for a year. We have settled in and, thankfully, have no regrets about the house we bought or what we’ve done in terms of construction. 

But that doesn’t mean this series is over. There is still more to do. There will always be more to do. No house you own is ever really finished. 

In August, we took some time off, which was the most important thing. Summer is coming to a close and things around here are pretty great. 

During the past month, we managed to hang some art. Truly a stage of home rebuilding that showcases how nearly complete things are. 

We also installed some shelves under the window seat. Before stuff had just been crammed in there without any order. Now it’s much nicer. 


We also put in an outlet so that when winter comes, we can hang some Christmas lights in the window!

Also, while under the house to work on electricity, we found this little bit of history. 

It’s a coupon from 1934 for a cigarette holder. We assume it came from one of the workers who originally built the building, as it was constructed in 1934.

The balcony plant barrier has been finished. 

Just in time for more guests, we bought a TV stand.

We also got a light fixture for the living room and the front part of the house. The fixture that was in the front was moved upstairs to the hallway, which only leaves us with light fixtures for the bedroom and the dining room. 

Ironically, now that summer is over, we will be working on some things outside of the house.

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