Behind The Scenes

A week or so ago, I watched this video from New York Magazine of Claire Saffitz. She’s a pastry chef at Bon Appetite and stars in the Gourmet Makes series, where she tries to recreate different types of junk food. 

I love the series because I love the food science behind it, but until I saw the interview with New York Magazine, I didn’t realise just how much of a Claire I am. 

She talks about how when shooting Gourmet Makes, she skips breakfast and then eats the junk food she’s trying to recreate as her first meal of the day and then she is cranky af and feeling slightly ill. 

I, obviously, am not shooting a food video series, but if I am running late, I will sometimes skip breakfast and then grab some kinda baked good along the way and then will be hangry and feeling ill from eating all the sugar on an empty stomach. 

Clearly Claire and I are the same person. 

One and half minutes into the video, she makes a 69 joke. 

But where I really feel it is when she’s describing how she is when things go wrong. She’s snippy with people (you can see it in the series) and then immediately apologies. She gets melodramatic and whiny, burying her face in her arms on the counter and begging for help from someone else. 

She’s really honest about it. “I complain a lot and rely on the sympathy of my colleagues.” That probably describes me in a nutshell. 

From this description, she sounds like a garbage person to work with. Maybe she is. Maybe I am too. But in the videos, you see that her colleagues appear to genuinely like her and that, rather than coming off as a monster, she seems to be a human being who is having a shitty day and not dealing with it in an ideal manner. 

And doesn’t that describe all of us?

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