Book Club Discussion – Dead Until Dark

I was long addicted to True Blood, the TV show based on the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris and I am now addicted to the books themselves. I’m on the eighth book in the series and I only started the first one a month ago.The writing is not particularly impressive, though I feel as though it improves through the series. I feel as though the quality of the writing is on par with other, similar fiction series that I’ve read. If you can read a Nora Roberts novel, you can read this.I get the impression that Harris is making up the fantasy characters as she goes, rather than having planned the characteristics of the vampire, fae, weres, etc. ahead of time. I am a big reader of fantasy and I find this slightly irksome. In the series Vampire: The Masquerade, there is a detailed explanation of vampire history based on Biblical stories (vampires are descendants of Cain.) I enjoy having that history.The first book is nearly identical to the first True Blood season. (This starts to change in the second book and while there are plot similarities, they really diverge.) A number of the TV show characters have had their appearance improved for TV. In the novel, Terry is portrayed as a fifty year old, Vietnam vet, rather than a young Iraq vet.

I actually like a few of the characters better in the book. I think Sookie is funnier and less irritating during times of duress. I also like Bill’s character better, he’s a bit more raw. I also prefer Sookie and Pam’s relationship in the book to their relationship on the TV show. They are practically friends in the book.

However, there are a number of things I much prefer in the television show. I enjoy Arlene in the show more than in the book. Lafayette is a minor character in the book and his character on the show is why I started watching it.

I want to get back to the eighth book. Your thoughts?

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