Book Club Discussion – What The Dog Saw

I love Malcom Gladwell. I’ve read nearly all of his books and I’ve enjoyed all of them immensely. This one is no different.Cover Of What The Dog Saw

Reading Gladwell always changes how I think about the world. I was especially impressed with his description of how authors and artists had the opportunity to produce their craft because they were supported by someone else, essentially a patron. I wonder who out there could have written the next great novel or book of poetry or painted an amazing work of art but didn’t because they were preoccupied with, ya know, having a job.

I also love how Gladwell uses a wide variety of examples to illustrate his point. When he discusses prediction, he references quarterbacks, profilers, financial analysts, and teachers. There is something in there for everyone to relate to, making it much easier for the reader to imagine themselves in situations Gladwell describes.

I can’t say this is my favorite Gladwell book. Since I read many of his columns, a lot of the information wasn’t new too me. I am also not particularly impressed with the book’s organization. I found it to be unclear. Overall, however, another thumbs up for Gladwell from me.

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