Book Club Review – Pride, Prejudice and Zombies

I can’t say I’m much of a Jane Austen fan. I read the original Pride and Prejudice in high school and made it through Sense and Sensibility in college. I’m not big on works from the time period and, unsurprisingly, don’t really find love and marriage the most fascinating of plot components. That being said, I do like zombies.

Frankly, the zombies improve upon this book, which I otherwise find dull, but not even zombies can redeem it. The zombie inclusions sometimes seem a bit forced, with the new rendition just tacking on “with the unmentionables” at the end of some sentences.

The concept is good. I’m unclear of the poor execution is a result of using a book I found unbearably dull to begin with or if the author just did a terrible job incorporating the zombie elements into the text.

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