Book Club Review – The Night Circus

Review from @erindoxtater.

Reading this book was like watching Inception; beautiful, breathtaking, vivid, and mostly an illusion.  To be honest, I found the plot far-fetched and hard to follow, but I kept reading to see what scene would be set next.  It was almost as if the author took LSD, kept a journal, and then attempted to recreate it as Marco or Celine’s next move.  My mind was doing yoga to wrap around scenes of poems that literally grew in to trees and clothing that transformed into a bird as it flew off into the sunset.

Molls sold me on this book as a love story with a twist.  But honestly, I found it hard to believe in their love.  It was easy to see that the author intended for them to be bound by their challenge and their masters, but the bond of love wasn’t quite believable.  I just didn’t find it believable that such minimal one on one interaction; they had fallen so desperately in love.  Admittedly, I have shelves of paperback romances, so maybe the subtle nuisances were lost on me?

If you enjoy movies like “Inception” or if you can appreciate poetry and artistry in writing; you will enjoy reading this book.  If you like you romances a little more Rom-com and/or paperback novels with Fabio on the cover, this is not for you.  I still have mixed feelings and am obviously confused about what I took home from the book.  I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it, but I can’t say I loved it.  What I can recommend is making your own judgement.

Read Molls’ review and discuss.

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