Book Club Review – The Surgeon

This review is from @erindoxtater.

I voted for this book and volunteered to write a review because I’m a fan of the television show “Rizzoli and Isles”, which is based on the book. After the first few chapters, I was devastated that my favorite character from the show, Dr. Isles, was nowhere to be found and showed no sign of appearing in this book. However, I enjoyed the book so much that I got over it and finished the book in less than three sittings.

The differences between the TV show and the book got me thinking about the audiences for books and TV or movies. In the show, Rizzoli is played by Angie Harmon: leggy, sultry, and pursued by multiple suitors. But, in the book the character is completely unappealing, both socially and sexually.  How often does this happen? Take the Harry Potter series as an example. The characters were very similar to that of the book, but often details and events of the book were changed to make the movies shorter and more action packed.

Do we look for different things when we reach for a book vs a movie or a TV show? Do authors play to an audience more willing to accept and enjoy unsexy characters? Aren’t the audiences often the same? (Everyone I know reads both good and crappy books and watches both good and crappy TV.) Have TV and movie producers sold out, refusing to produce main characters that don’t inspire sexual fantasies?

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