Cat Food

“One cat just leads to another.” -Ernst Hemingway

After all of my dog food posts, I’ve been getting a bunch of questions about cat food. I don’t have cats. I don’t even really like cats.

Karen Becker’s DVD covers cat food, although I fast forwarded through a lot of the cat stuff. If I had a cat, I’d start with that (feel free to fast forward through the dog parts, I won’t be upset.)

This chick does have a cat. She tolerates the cat, despite not liking cats. No, I don’t understand it. She wrote about what her cat eats. Feel free to skip the icky dog parts. When I asked her about cat food, she suggested this site. Despite not being the prettiest site on the web, the information seems to be good and in line (from what I remember) with Karen Becker’s stuff.

So there, crazy cat ladies, see if that helps.

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